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Tuition for the 11-month Surgical Technology Program is $8,000.00. Please see the Workforce Readiness Institute Withdrawal and Refund policies for additional information about eligible tuition refunds and applicable fees.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Current D-H employees who are in good standing and who have been in their role for at least one year are eligible to apply for sponsorship from the Department of Perioperative Services. This may include tuition support and/or a training wage while participating in the program. Some additional steps are involved in the application process if you are applying for sponsorship. For more information, please contact

Not a Current D-H Employee but Interested in Sponsorship? If you are not currently a D-H employee but are interested in pursuing this career field and would like to be eligible for sponsorship in the future, please reach out to us about current employment opportunities in the Department of Perioperative Services that could lead to sponsorship eligibility:

Personal Supplies

Trainees are responsible for purchasing any personal supplies needed for the program, including but not limited to:

  • Footwear: only plain closed toe and heel shoes (shoes cannot have multiple colors and large insignias), and socks or hose are permitted. The cost can vary per personal preference, with an estimated range of $25-$100
  • One Team Vest: ordered through the Program Director with an estimated cost of $60.
  • Black Scrub Pants: estimated cost of $20.
  • Classroom Supplies: including items such as notebooks, pens/highlighters/markers, note/flash cards, etc. These costs vary per personal preference, with an estimated range of $25-$100.
  • Laptop Computer: cost varies per personal preference, with an estimated range of $200-$1500.

Text Books

The estimated cost of purchasing books and online resources is $1058.00 if you purchase all new hard-copy text books. You may also choose to purchase used texts, rent texts, or use online texts. The required Cengage Unlimited- MindTap package includes online versions of the four Cengage texts listed below. Elsevier/Evolve text books may be purchased through Elsevier or on other online textbook websites. Students may also choose to purchase additional learning materials during the program to supplement text books and any course material.

Book Name Approx. Pricing
Cengage Unlimited- MindTap (includes online access to the following four Cengage texts) $199.00
Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist 5th Edition $110.00 (hard-copy)
Fundamentals of A&P 4th Edition by Donald C. Rizzo $127.00 (hard-copy)
Medical Terminology for Health Professionals 8th Edition $140.00 (hard-copy)
Microbiology for the Surgical Technologists by Rodriquez ** $91.00 (hard-copy)
Pharmacology for Surgical Technologist 3rd Edition can be bought used ISBN 978-1-4377-1002-1 ** $70.00
Other: (Note: many of the books below can purchased used on Amazon)
Pocket Guide to the Operating Room ISBN 978-0-8036-1226-6 ** $45.00
Pearson’s Surgical Technology Exam Review ISBN 978-0-13-500048-9 $90.00
Surgical Mayo Setups ISBN 978-1-111-13818-9 $113.00
Surgical Instrumentation an Interactive Approach by Renee Nemitz ISBN 9781-4557-0719 $72.00
Total Book Costs $1,058.00

For complete program information, please see the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Workforce Readiness Institute 2019-2020 Student Handbook and Program Catalog.

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College Pre-Requisites:

All Applicants must complete or have completed within the last five years the following college-level pre-requites prior to admission:

  • Anatomy & Physiology I (with a passing grade of C or higher)
  • College-level Medical Terminology (with a passing grade of C or higher)

Click here for additional information about the application and admissions process.

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