Student Observation, Practicum & Unpaid,
Non-Credit Bearing Requests

COVID-19 UPDATE: D-H has made the decision to pause all onsite observations experiences to allow our healthcare workers to focus exclusively on providing patient care. Student practicum and research experiences are dependent on the department’s ability to host and support student learning. Please continue to visit our website for updates.

As an academic health system, Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) has a three-pronged mission—patient care, clinical research and education. D-H supports this mission by offering students the opportunity to explore healthcare pathways, build upon their technical skills and contribute to ground-breaking research.

Opportunities available for students:

For students/minors, under 18 years old:

• Contact for more information about youth engagement opportunities
• Please visit the Youth Outreach and Employment Opportunities & High School Internship Page

Observation/ Job Shadowing: A one-time observation experience gives students the opportunity to accompany an employee during the normal course of their job responsibilities for career exploration or educational purposes. Typically observation experiences are no longer than one 8 hour shift.

Practicum: A hands-on opportunity for an individual to earn credit, supplement their formal education and develop the technical/professional skills associated with their course of study. Depending on the school, these experiences may also be referred to as an internship, externship or field experience. Practicum experiences are unpaid in exchange for the greater learning benefit to the student.

Unpaid, non-credit bearing (including research opportunities): Designed for undergraduate or graduate level students looking for a hands-on experience to complement their education and gain practical work experience. The work is performed for learning purposes only and the participant is the primary beneficiary.

Medical Students:

• Students associated with Geisel School of Medicine: please refer to the course catalog for more information.
• For visiting students attending an LCME accredited school interested in rotating at Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock, please apply through the AAMC VLSO page.

International Medical School Students:  At this time, Dartmouth-Hitchcock does not offer elective rotations for international medical school students. You may request participation in the Authorized Observer Program at a Dartmouth-Hitchcock facility by emailing the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office at to obtain a request form.  Please note that GME may not be able to honor all requests if the requested department does not offer authorized observations.

GME Residents/Fellows from External Institutions:  If you are interested in rotating at Dartmouth-Hitchcock as a Visiting Resident, please email the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office at and include your name, visa status (if applicable), institution, PGY, specialty and details concerning your proposed rotation at least 120 days prior to proposed start date. Please note that the program/GME may not be able to honor all requests.


 The following are expected during your experience:

  • Dress appropriately, in accordance with the D-H dress code. You should check with the staff being observed to determine appropriate attire.

  • Conduct yourself in a professional, courteous, and responsible manner and abide by all D-H policies and procedures.

  • Respect patient confidentiality. You are not to discuss any patient, their medical history, or their reason for visiting a physician, with anyone other than the staff member you are working with.

  • Understand that clinical practice involves situations that will require a degree of sensitivity to the needs of the patient and the obligations of the provider.

  • For the safety of our patients, If you are ill please review the “Should I Come to Work Today Flyer’ to determine if you are well enough to come to D-H.

  • If you are unable to attend, please be sure to inform the person you are scheduled to learn with as soon as possible.

Contact Information:
If you have question or need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to

Special Note: In accordance with the D-H policy, individuals under the age of 18 must be registered participants in a D-H sponsored youth program.

If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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