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Internship Site Examples

Cardiovascular Department – Clinical

The Heart & Vascular Center provides expert, coordinated care for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, delivering the highest level of expertise and a wide range of options during the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart disease. As an intern with our team, you will work with our ultrasound technicians to support day to day duties, and shadowing the various testing we provide. You will also have the opportunity to work in our clinic with our nursing team and medical assistants, as well as shadow the administrative team to experience the various aspects of outpatient care. Based on time, personal skill set and interests, you may also work with the team on various projects within the section.

Children’s Hospital at D-H (CHaD) Community Relations – Marketing

Video Production: You will support video production for promotional videos leading up to the CHaD HERO, CHaD’s single largest fundraising event, as well as video content for other CHaD projects and events. This will include developing creative new concepts for video content and working with Community Relations team to plan and produce these videos; filming video at various CHaD events; assisting with the editing and production of promotional videos; and assisting with the creation of our Kid Hero video.

You must be available for occasional weekend work and travel. Additional Opportunities: Attend CHaD hosted events to gain a deeper perspective into the work of CHaD Community Relations, meet CHaD families and see firsthand the impact that philanthropy has on the care of CHaD kids. This position will work closely with the Community Relations Event Coordinators and report to the Community Relations Manager. Qualified applicants are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in video production, graphic design, communications or other related field. You must have experience with either Adobe Premiere Pro or ProShow required, or ability to use video production software on personal computer, and be proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher. We are looking for an intern who has strong attention to detail, is a self-starter who can both work independently and be a team player, has excellent verbal and written communication skills, and interest in video production and an interest in children’s healthcare or non-profit work.

Children’s Hospital at D-H (CHaD) Specialties, Manchester Clinic – Marketing

As an intern in Pediatric Specialties, you will support the day-to-day operations of our ambulatory clinic. You will work alongside a diverse team of care providers including nurses, physicians, medical assistants, scribes and administrative staff. Through this internship, you will have direct patient contact and be part of our team of health care professionals. You will perform a variety of day-to-day responsibilities including but not limited to checking in patients, providing phone coverage, and assisting with office duties. The individual would be required to assist during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

The ideal candidate will have special interest in working with families of young children and/or in an Administrative role performing exceptional customer service. Basic computer knowledge is essential and experience with Microsoft Outlook is beneficial. Due to the population that we serve, the right candidate needs to be compassionate, empathetic, clearly communicates, pays attention to detail, and multitasks with ease.

Clinical Engineering – Technology and Clinical

Our Clinical Engineering team plays an important role in the safety and treatment of our patients through the testing, repair, and maintenance of medical equipment. Through this internship, you will have the opportunity to work with equipment and devices such as medical radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and medical lasers. In addition to preventative maintenance, you will also participate in incumbent inspection to test all the functions and manufacturing specifications of new medical equipment before it can go out to patient floors, and gain exposure to core and cutting-edge medical devices. This is a good opportunity for candidates pursuing degrees in computer programming, mechanical engineering, electronic or electrical engineering.

Dermatology Department – Operational and Clinical

As a Dermatology intern, you will support the day-to-day operations of our ambulatory clinic. You will gain experience rooming patients, stocking clinic supplies and infection prevention through room disinfection. You will work alongside a diverse team of care providers including nurses, physicians, medical assistants, scribes and administrative staff. Through this internship, you will have direct patient contact and be part of our team of health care professionals. The team is looking for an intern who is dependable, values teamwork, bring enthusiasm and is a clear communicator.

Environmental Services Department – Operational and Clinical

Patient care starts with a clean, safe environment. As an intern with our team you will gain direct experience in infection prevention and proper sanitation practices. These core skills are fundamental to every single health care career path. In addition, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with patients and work alongside other care team members including Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Nurses, and LNAs. This is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in a clinical career but aren’t sure what type of unit or specialty and patient population is the right fit. It is also a valuable opportunity if you are interested in gaining exposure to the clinical environment before committing to pursuing or furthering a clinical education. Additional shadowing opportunities are built into this role to offer in-depth exposure to the roles that make up our care teams.

Food and Nutrition Department – Operational and Clinical

Healthy and nutritious food is an essential part of the day for our patients, their visitors and our team members. Our Food and Nutrition department is prepares and serves more than 4,000 meals each day, including up to 750 patient meals with hundreds of different diet considerations and needs. It is a complex and important operation. This internship site has multiple opportunities that are a great fit if you are interested in the health care, food service and hospitality fields.

Human Resources – Business and Finance

As part of our Human Resources Department and Compensation team, a college intern will learn about how market adjustment programs are developed and help in implementing them successfully. You will also gain experience with the type of data that is stored for HR purposes. As a member of the Compensation team, you’ll assist us in our regular audits of HR data related to job titles, salary grades and pay rates. We’re in the midst of a Job Description review process which involves clarifying responsibilities, requirements and licensure. You would be assisting in the tracking, updating and finalization of this process.

High school students who are interested in exploring business, marketing and operational career fields will have the opportunity to learn about the significant amount of information related to jobs that are stored and audited. An intern would directly assist in the audit process, a transferable skill to any business and operational field. You will also gain exposure to our market adjustment program and help in the coordination of materials that are necessary to execute on these critical programs.

Medical Laboratory – Research, Clinical and Marketing

We are one of the largest laboratories in Northern New England, offering over 450 different types of tests and performing 1.3 million tests annually. Our team is composed of technicians, support staff, technologists, physicians, PhDs, residents and students from various programs. Our department includes the following primary areas: Chemistry, Flow Cytometry, Anatomic Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Hematology, Blood Bank and Microbiology. We also provide cytogenetics services, along with the full gamut of services in Anatomic Pathology, including surgical pathology, autopsy pathology and cytopathology. An intern with our team will support projects across different sections of the lab and Blood Donor clinic, gaining exposure to leading technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, and clinical laboratory professionals from across the career spectrum. Our lab internships are an excellent opportunity if you are interested in research, translational medicine, science, biomedical technology,

laboratory equipment and careers, or learning more about how healthcare takes place behind the scenes from direct patient care. Here are some example projects which our summer interns could support:

  • Media and Marketing: Support a project that standardizes lab procedures across different lab locations. You would help record and produce “how-to” videos for a variety of procedures that can then be shared with our system labs so that everyone is doing the procedures in a standardized manner. The second part of this internship would be producing an “Intro to the Lab” video that would be used during Nurse Orientation to introduce new nurses to the
  • Research: You will work with one of the Lab Managers on a project pulling samples and sending them out for testing. Through this project you will gain experience with data collection and analysis.
  • Chemical Waste Disposal Project: As an intern on this project, you will work with lab and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team members to help with Chemical Waste disposal, including the development of a communication plan between the lab and EHS for chemical disposal based off of current D-H policy. You will not only gain exposure to the fields of medical laboratory and EHS, but you will also gain experience in the development of a standard operating procedure and communication

Medical Surgical Inpatient Unit Support – Clinical

1E Medical Specialties is a 36-bed, inpatient medicine unit. We care for adults typically on the inpatient medicine service who suffer from acute and/or chronic illness. Some of the things included in that population are; liver failure, kidney failure requiring dialysis, sepsis/bacteremia, cystic fibrosis, etc. Our patient population is very dynamic and challenging, however, our team approach and changing environment make it a great place to learn and build/expand on nursing assessment, delegation, prioritization, critical thinking and time management skills. We have a team dedicated to process improvement, problem solving, and teambuilding, which has allowed us to become a unit where everyone is a part of the solution. As an intern on 1E, you will have the opportunity to take part in unit-based initiatives, gain insight into caring for the entire person while providing a holistic approach, and truly be a part of a unit culture that supports learning for all.

Nursing Education and Nursing Retention – Clinical, Operational and Business/HR

As an intern with our Nursing Education and the Nursing Retention teams, you will be involved in multiple projects that focus on our nursing workforce. This is an opportunity for someone with strong communication and organization skills to work with a broad stakeholder base and navigate tasks and responsibilities across a number of initiatives. About half your time will be spent supporting Nurse Education providing support for our new inpatient RN and Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) onboarding program, CORE. You will also provide administrative support and assist Educators with tracking nursing competency progress. The other half of your time will be spent with the Nursing Recruiting and Retention team providing administrative assistance for the DHART 25th anniversary event, Daisy events and Nursing Blood Drive. You will also assist with the scheduling and collection of retention data, and some recruiting tasks. This internship would be a unique opportunity for an intern to gain knowledge about HR and Nursing in one assignment.

Otolaryngology Department – Clinical and Marketing

An intern with our team will support the day to day operations of the Otolaryngology section in multiple ways:

  • Clinic: You will work alongside the nursing and provider staff and will be involved in direct patient contact as a member of the care team. Responsibilities will include rooming patients, room turnover and some administrative responsibilities. This will involve working in the Otolaryngology, Audiology and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Operating Room: You will be called to assist with intraoperative photography and

You will be responsible for saving the images on a secure server and placing images in PowerPoint format to be used for future clinical applications such as tumor board presentations, etc.

  • Research: You will have an opportunity to gain exposure to research working with medical students, residents, and faculty on various research

Basic skills in Microsoft Office and video editing software would be helpful but is not required. Must have basic skill in use of a digital camera and video recorder.

The Patient Safety Training Center (PSTC) – Clinical

Gain exposure to the world of simulation education! As a national leader in medical simulation education, The PSTC at D-H provides a multidisciplinary learning experience for students and practitioners.

Simulation is integral to help health care professionals acquire technical proficiency, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and team skills to continue the journey to safer practice and excellence in patient care. This is a fast-paced environment where you will develop critical thinking skills, be exposed to a department that is both educational and clinical, and interact with health care professionals of all levels on a daily basis. As an intern here, your role will have two components. You will work on important

operational projects such as inventory or records management, through which you will practice project management and organizational skills while gaining exposure to the processes that support health care delivery. You will also support our training team by learning how to set-up for a simulation, review scripts and operate a simulation. Whether you are interested in becoming an educator, a clinician or health care management professional, this internship will provide broad exposure and offers you the opportunity to build a unique skill set. Must be 18 or over.

Patient Transportation Department – Operational and Clinical

Our Patient Transportation team provides safe, efficient transport of patients, equipment, and miscellaneous supplies across the D-H Medical Center campus. As an intern with our team you will gain experience with a wide range of patient populations, including, but not limited to, children from premature to young adult, adults, geriatric, bariatric, and critical care patients of all ages. You will work directly with our nursing teams to ambulate patients into and out of beds/chairs and to/from wheelchairs/stretchers utilizing a variety of lifting techniques and electro- mechanical lifting equipment to assist with lifting, moving, holding and transferring patients. During patient moves, you will care for the non-clinical needs of the patient. You will also support patient movements to diagnostic imaging/emergent procedures, retrieval of blood products, and emergency equipment as directed by the nursing staff. You may also be involved in the transfer of deceased patients to the on-site mortuary and to local Funeral Homes. As a patient transportation intern you will have direct interaction with multiple members of our care teams, patients and patient families, and exposure to the transportation, assembly, disinfection and maintenance of patient care equipment of all varieties. This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to all aspects of a hospital and work with multiple teams and departments. Must be 18 or over.

Perioperative Services Department – Clinical and Business/Finance

Perioperative Support Tech: Through an internship as a Perioperative Support Technician, you will be part of the Operating Room (OR) team and gain experience and exposure to the OR environment and the many roles that are part of the team. You will learn to perform a variety of specific sterilization duties within the D-H Main Operating Rooms (MOR) and other surgical areas and orient to prepare tables for various specialty procedures. As an intern on our team, you will remove clean, unneeded equipment from OR and ensure trash and contaminated linens and instruments are properly handled and sent to appropriate destination. You will handle blood, tissue, bodily fluids, recyclables and other materials safely. You will learn to perform rapid room turnovers using standards of OR sanitation and reset OR after room turnover. You will develop knowledge of infection prevention through cleaning and maintaining other areas of the OR on a regularly scheduled basis, and ensure that all cleaning equipment is sterile, safe, and properly maintained. Must be 18 and over.

Process improvement project: You will review the Perioperative Services Department’s current purchasing process to identify improvements and efficiencies. This involves merging databases and information to identify trends and opportunities. Must have strong data management skills such as excel merging, look-ups, pivot, etc. as well as the ability to understand and interpret data for meaningful information.

Psychiatry Department – Clinical

As an intern in our Psychiatry Department, you will both support the day-to-day operations of our clinical services as well as gain exposure to the research environment. You will work alongside a multidisciplinary team of administrative, academic and clinical professionals who all strive to make research-supported services available to individuals and their families experiencing difficulties with psychiatric symptoms and/or addiction. You will be part of a continuous learning environment in which we provide evidence- based care for individuals of all ages and continually facilitate the integration of new knowledge into our practice. As an academic medical center, we train the next generation of clinicians and build new knowledge through active research. If you are interested in pursuing a career in mental health, substance use disorders, social work, research, clinical psychiatry, clinical psychology, or public policy, then this is a great opportunity for you to advance your understanding of this field.

Multidisciplinary: Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary and Rheumatology – Marketing and Clinical

As a member of our team, interns will gain the necessary skills to support physicians and clinical staff in a fast paced and multidisciplinary clinic, including Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary and Rheumatology in Medicine. In addition to administrative and clinical support, interns will participate in projects such as:

  • Orchestrating a 1-week residential camp for children and teens with inflammatory rheumatologic conditions
  • Coordinating with our Marketing department to update our websites and patient facing marketing materials.
  • Systematizing our purchasing and ordering processes (for college applicants with financial analysis and/or data management and analysis skills)

Interns will also have the opportunity to shadow other members of the health care team including but not limited to nursing, schedulers, providers, and other research and administrative professionals.

Radiology Department – Clinical

As a Radiology intern, you will support the day-to-day operations of our Department as well as gain exposure to the many medical imaging techniques used at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the Diagnostic Radiology Department. You will also be given the opportunity to shadow in other modalities such as Ultrasound and Computed Tomography (CT). This internship will give you a broad picture of different job opportunities within Radiology. Through this internship you will have direct patient contact and be part of our team of health care professionals. Must be 18 or over.

Neurology Department, Stroke Team – Clinical and Research

Immerse yourself in the holistic approach for the care of the stroke patient. Team rounding, patient classification, patient education, and follow-up calls to discharged patients are some of the daily activities an intern will complete. Neurology summer interns will also engage in reviewing/revision of policies and protocols to align with Joint Commission Standards. You will track the care of stroke patients utilizing tracers starting in the Emergency room through to discharge to be sure that we are delivering comprehensive care to this patient population. In addition, you will support the analysis of identified deviations from practice standards in order to incorporate into process improvement projects.

Neurology Department, Manchester Location – Operational and Clinical

As an intern on our team you will assist with many aspects of operating an outpatient clinic. This will include triaging and processing patient referrals that are internal, incoming and/or from other departments, scheduling external testing such as MRIs, CT scan, DaT scans, Renal Biopsies, Pulmonary Function Testing, sleep studies, CT Cancer screens and EEGs, and learning about our On-Base system for management of medical records. You will also gain experience interacting directly with patients, other medical facilities and care providers through the scheduling and rescheduling of appointments, faxing labs or medical notes to requested facilities, assisting with the process of disability forms and obtaining prior authorizations if needed, completing the checkout process, and completing requests for records from outside facilities. Through this internship you will gain critical skills for any role in healthcare, including working with a healthcare team, strong customer service and patient interaction skills, basic medical terminology, the use of an electronic medical record system, time management and organization, problem solving and research.

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